New tools make you King of the Web.

Powerful tools. Killer Web sites. New Web tools. Revel in the efficiency.

Better authentication support. (If you can get to it.)

Brand identity

Here's to less between you and the work that matters.


Edit faster. Eat better. More changes? More shortcuts.


Reduce repetitve coding. At least, some of it.

Automated debugging. Keeps code tidy.

A better, easier Visual Basic. Goodbye struggle. Hello joy.

Faster path from Visual Basic to .NET. Fewer sleepovers. Faster, more intuitive Visual Basic. No caffeine required.

Write faster Visual Basic. See more of Mr. Sun.

Team tools that help you collaborate. Or not.

Team System. A better way of collaborating. New Team System. Collaboration made easier. Now the projects almost manage themselves.

The Visual Studio 400 Plus Differences website details more than 400 exciting programmatic and usability differences in Visual Studio .net 2005